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45 avenue de la Libération
33110 Le Bouscat - Bordeaux


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The treatment team

Dr Loïc DAVID’s treatment team:


The treatment team

- Dr Loïc DAVID, dental surgeon / 33470291.7

- Dr Pierre BENICHOU , dental surgeon / 33403612.6

- Karine, office manager

- Laure, qualified dental assistant

- Sandrine, qualified dental assistant



-   Dr Loïc David's CVDr Loïc DAVID






• State Diploma in Dental Surgery, Bordeaux


Did you know:

Front teeth (incisors) symbolize reputation and fame, are the first things you see when the lips part for laughter, are also a sign of joy, and are perceived as adding youthfulness and fun to the words spoken.

The canines symbolize work, and determination.


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